Joel C. Taliaferro, CFP®

Joel C. Taliaferro, CFP®

LPL Financial Advisor & Owner


What I do:
I have a passion for financial planning. It begins with helping clients articulate and prioritize their life goals. Then we collaboratively craft financial strategies to pursue those goals and to align a client's resources with their vision for their lives. Whether a client needs help getting started investing, providing for children's education needs, understanding retirement goals, or insuring what is important to them, I seek to serve and educate my clients through financial planning.

Why I get up in the morning:
I love collaborating with my clients not just to help them achieve their goals but also to truly consider the "why" behind their goals and how they align with their values. When I help clients connect their values with a vision for the future, it is a beautiful thing. I know that clients often feel the stress of complexity in their financial lives, and it is a joy when I am able to help relieve some of that burden and provide clarity in a complex situation.

Clients I work best with:
Individuals and families who have never done comprehensive financial planning and are eager for clarity and purposeful action. Folks who are quickly approaching retirement and feel unsure about where they stand. And essentially anyone who I can help that is motivated and committed to pursuing their financial best.

What I tell clients:
Focus on the big picture. Every journey begins with a single step. So, no matter where you are starting, as long as we keep those long-term goals in mind, take clear steps towards it and review our progress periodically, I believe there is little we cannot achieve.